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Christian Living Program

Christian Living Program

Below you will find links to the content that will be used this year.

Our key goal is to have a program that supports parents as the primary educators of their children, so we invite you to active participation in your child’s education as a sexual, Christian, human being.

One of the guiding principles is that this curriculum touches the heart of the family experience. As such, you have significant rights to know the full spectrum of the curriculum. You, as parents, must have a say in its development and presentation, for we know you will reinforce it and bring it to deeper understanding by the role-modeling your children experience in their own home. The school’s philosophy is supportive of this vision.

Some of the guiding principles that put the present program in place are:

1) The STM School faculty will assist parents with materials and structures which will foster communication between parent and child on a level where they can discuss those changes in their life that make up a person’s spiritual and sexual being. The teacher’s role is to facilitate parent/child communication and to provide an opportunity for this interaction to occur.

2) We recognize that maturation occurs differently in each child and that sometimes program content will not be suitable for every child. Parents will know best the developmental level of their child and will know when to make changes in the course outline.

We realize that time and commitment are a difficult thing in our present society. BUT, St. Thomas More has an obligation to present this material, and an obligation to be sure that the curriculum is taught. The Christian Living curriculum is not just about "sex", but also about the growth of the whole person. We realize that parents are also a result of their upbringing and that many of you are at different levels with this material.

This class is generally scheduled to begin mid-January and run for seven consecutive weeks. It is taught between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 am 1 day per week.

Please note that if you elect to remove your child(ren) from this program, it is your responsibility to pick them up and provide for them at those times. You will also need to print, complete, and return the "Christian Living Outline and Removal Form" below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the teachers individually or the principal.