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Major Fundraising at STM


Fundraising at St. Thomas More School is the responsibility of all parents, students, and interested individuals to contribute to the financial, social, and spiritual enrichment of our school community. By involvement in these activities, we give witness to our commitment to Catholic education to our students, families, and parish members. Since these events are conducted with the generous assistance and support of the local community, participation allows us to share our Gospel message with many others.
Fund Run
This event is generally held in late September/early October and is the only fundraising event in which students actively participate. The day is marked with a fun carnival that in years past has included such things as a baby animals petting zoo, a 'bouncy castle', face painting, cake walk, bingo, carnival-style ring toss and gold fish pond, fire truck from District 9, DJ's music, free hot dog much fun!!  During the weeks leading up to the Fund Run, the students are given challenges to encourage them as a class and as individuals to raise funds by offering them incentives such as class movie parties or individual little prizes.  The principal offers larger motivational prizes for reaching the overall school goal.  These incentives have included such things as the principal spending the night on the roof of the school in January, cutting his hair in a mohawk style, or the principal and the vice-principal donning stuffed sumo wrestling suits and "having it out" during a school assembly!  Past principals have also subjected themselves to a dunk tank or wearing a Daffy Duck costume for a week...even when he had a meeting with the bishop!  It's a great community-building way to kick off the school year on a positive note.
Italian Dinner & Auction
This truly collaborative evening utilizes the talent, resourcefulness, and generosity of spirit at S.T.M.  This tradition began back in the late 1970's with a handful of Italian families cooperating together to create and serve a delicious authentic Italian dinner (in what is now our lunchroom) and now we host anywhere from 350 - 400 people.  The event has changed and grown throughout the years, but one thing remains the still takes the efforts of everyone working together!  Through a silent as well as a live auction, every effort is made to have items in every price range so that everyone can participate.  While our themes have varied from casual (Tailgating Together at Last) to formal (A Night at the Oscars) and everything in between, there is no 'dress code' and costumes are not required, but they sure make the night a lot of fun!  Thanks to the creativity of many and with the help of some local television personalities, we were even able to continue our tradition through 2 seasons of Covid isolation by holding live virtul auctions.  
Your Dollars at Work
While some items on this list may sound antiquated (such as VCR's wired to the teacher's computers!), below are listed just SOME of the things that parent fundraising has provide above and beyond the annual operational budget when they were needed:
  • Continuous up-date of curriculum, specifically in the areas of RELIGION, ENGLISH, WRITING, and SCIENCE
  • New roof on the gym
  • New windows throughout the school
  • Lunchroom/Science Lab remodel
  • Greenhouse
  • AlphaSmarts Keyboards
  • Upgrade of computer network infrastructure
  • New “Big Toys”
  • New retaining wall for outside basketball court
  • New carpet in gymnasium building
  • Landscaping on north side of school
  • Classrooms repainted from floor to ceiling
  • School office remodel
  • Whiteboards in all classrooms
  • TV and VCR in all classrooms wired to teacher’s computer
  • New lights in gym
  • Window blinds in classrooms
  • Preschool remodel
  • Classroom shelving and computer desks
  • Gym floor refinished
  • New furnace system
  • Computer upgrades
  • Accelerated Math Program
  • Aquaponics program